an existential open world game about japanese delinquents

— Never been there.
— Me neither.
— Aren’t you curious?
— It’s just across the river, Goro. Do you think there’s candy growing on trees there or something?
— There’s gotta be something different.
— I doubt it.
— Where is it then?
— What?
— Something different.
— No idea. This is too much to be talking about at 4 am.
— I think it’s gotta be different someplace else. Gotta be someplace.
— You still going out with Daisuke?
— Nah. He's stupid.
— How so?
— For real. He even makes mistakes in his love notes. It's a wonder that he get into our class at all.
— I thought he was smart.
— Come on, captain, he does javelin throw.
— So? It's a good sport.
— Karate is a good sport, javelin is some kinda sublimation.
— If you say so.
— Nah, I want someone smarter. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, and I don't want a dull boyfriend to match. Thanks.
— What do the cards say?
— I’m not telling your fortune, Ringo, it’s solitaire.
— I saw your sister at the plant again.
— I don’t give a damn about her.
— Is there a reason she’s hanging out with our enemies now?
— Screw her. None of it makes any damn sense.
— Let’s take a walk.
— Nah, I’m not going anywhere till this makes sense.
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by yeo